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At Natural Soaps and Crafts...we take great care, and a great deal of pride, in the hand preparation of our products.  Our soap products are lovingly hand-batched according to a proprietary formula using NATURAL biodegradable ingredients along with the added benefits of goat milk.

It is this "unique mix" in the creation process that gives the product line its difference from other soap manufacturers.

Billy Goat Soaps Are..

When it comes to caring for your skin, nothing is more soothing than goat milk soap.  A natural moisturizer and skin conditioner that is gentle enough for babies and effective for those with bothersome skin conditions.

Our Billy Goat Soaps are...

* Safe and gentle for babies and young children

* An excellent choice for those with skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, cracked heels)

* Available in a range of Essential and Fragrance Oils for added pleasure

* Made with a vegetable glycerine soap base which provides noticeable moisturizing and lathering qualities

* Prepared with pure vegetable oils, goat milk and other quality ingredients that replenish and refresh skin

* Naturally earth friendly and biodegradable and last up to three times longer than most others