Balsam Fir Tree Oil (Canadian) 50 ml


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100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil derived from Canadian Balsam Fir Trees. BIODEGRADABLE


Excellent rub for arthritis pain, sore back muscles, legs and feet: spray on and rub. Soothes tension migraine, sore throat and stuff nose. Apply directly on dry and chapped skin. For massage: warms the articulations and muscles in pain. Use for a foot bath or spray in shoes: calms and relieves swollen feet. Add to a vaporizer to clear germs. Spray on filter of furnace and vacuum. In a diffuser, the oil will bestow its properties and pleasant scent. Spray in automobile to disinfect naturally and leave a clean scent. Spray in Christmas Trees and Wreaths.


Product of Canada. Store out of light. Not for oral use. Keep out of children's reach. Do not use during pregnancy.